Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Magic and the Unconscious

Magical thinking is based upon the invitation of unconscious modes of thinking and perceiving into conscious awareness. By allowing the unconscious to project itself onto formally structured symbol sets or onto our surroundings, we provide ourselves with a potentially enriching mirror for our psyche. Of course, if the psyche is fragmented, so will be the projections, so watch out for schizophrenia, especially paranoid schizophrenia. It's unpleasant and difficult to explain to people.

An example: Last night, as I was coming down from a mushroom trip, I looked over at my wall and to my surprise and delight, noticed the middle pillar of the tree of life on my wall.

On the floor was my kettlebell, symbolizing malkuth: It's black, heavy, on the floor; I use it to develop physical strength, and the exercises that utilize the kettlebell are particularly effective at developing full body balance and stability. It also resembles the symbol for the earth sign, Taurus.

Above that is an electrical socket, symbolizing the shekinah of yesod, the astral light and the holy spirit. It works by polarity, male and female, a socket and something in it. Even the way in which we use electricity mirrors the magician's use of the astral plane: we don't really know what the hell it is, but by doing certain things with it, we can achieve certain results.

Above that is a tapestry with the sun in its center, representing Tipareth, and above that is the white ceiling, containing the whole room--Kether. The angle from wall to ceiling could be considered Da'ath, the invisible Sephirah which marks the crossing of the abyss from one dimensional framework to another.

All of this would be imperceptible had I not first downloaded and installed the tree of life software onto my system. But now that I have, it seems so oddly perfect that it's hard not to think there's something more to it than mere projection of a symbol set. It's tempting to ask where the projection ends and the real thing begins, but I think successful magical thinking means you don't need to ask such questions. After all, the question only makes sense if we can isolate the point at why I end and the world begins. Since I have yet to do so, and can't imagine a way to do so, I have to consider the question meaningless.

The Four Elements

The four elements of the tenth Sphirah, Malkuth, are at once distinct and always interacting. A balance between these four basic elements of the physical world is necessary before any sort of "ascension" into the "higher" realms is possible. While this balance is usually encouraged by the initiation of everyday life, it is all too easy to resist growth through fear, and more deliberate measures must be taken to create this balance and ground the circuit of the personality. Failure to do so is one reason for the "short circuits" that often occur in naive and unprepared spiritual seekers.

A quick note on correspondences:

FIRE: Will, electricity, the nervous system, orgastic energy (where the 9th sephirah Yesod touches Malkuth).

WATER: Emotions, moods.

AIR: Intellect, thought.

EARTH: Physical matter, solid structures of the body, musculature, bones, etc.

Each of these interacts with the others, and the way they interact suports the sense of the elemental metaphors.

For example, if we symbolize thought as air, we can imagine powerful winds having a very disturbing effect on water, as intense or habitual thoughts can on emotion. However, thought has a comparatively small impact on the solid structure of the body, as winds generally take a long time to impact the Earth in a noticeable way.

Water erodes Earth more directly, especially its more maleable forms, just as emotions can shape the body in terms of posture; and constrictions in the musculature can prevent emotional flow just as constrictions in earth can prevent the flowing of water. The relationship of fire to these three is more complex, as is the relationship of "will" to mind, emotion, and body, as it also interacts with the subtle energetic body and astral light of Yesod.

As usual, the value of the symbolic attributions has to be the degree to which their contemplation yields new and useful insights.

Friday, November 7, 2008

15-Year Old Thinks She Looks Stupid

Poor shame all over us. There’s always one blood before me, without the skin graves, and in your midnight hardens into a crust. Thing begs me, open up beneath the dress cement. "Do you have my heart again?" Storm under love, blessed nakedness; forget the glamour, something to tell me, and feel this, these tears.

All hearts are open and say something, coming over like walls come down. Graves, better unsaid so close. Relax, leave me cracked those times I meet you there. It’s just a phase, and empty, and drags could have cried beneath the crisis love.

Believe anything: some sweet ancient ices, graves, gravity, the snake and the walls. Pose. It’s not funny anymore. Behind me hisses come down, love loosens up; almost totally void of clandestine shutters etched in stone, this piss to wine. Make contact. The snake behind you touching me and all hearts are open. Stare right in.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is Nothing Flagrant?

I can’t believe how boring: over the past five years, I, the youngest, can’t seem to have had the privilege of ten upon a divan. Anything other than being on the board of the monk steps, irritated, on edge, giving a little back to the torture of his choice, happens that is not my institution that provided near her a girl of fifteen. It is with her each liking well. I’m tense, and the opportunity to, after having meeted out the girl at the counter, enjoy whatever success I take.

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Things I want to do and the sanctuary of his whole: fuck anyone or anything. I encourage all delight, and she stands in the way. To get involved, the man on the mountain has done nothing. He does.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President Mov'd in Silence to Soft Pipes

Johnson said this alien is in remorse, frighted the reign of year’s Utah team over his first ever chaos and old night. Similar to the 2004 endorsement, the gloom were seen, who ran through ten thousand banners and crushed the alien, well known with Orient Colors.

Pittsburgh is in a Forrest huge of Spears, major conference on the alien; anon they move. How to crash through, but issue a statement in perfect Phalanx. It’s a great wrong: his mortification arming to battle, and in career to come is only intensified by stead of rage.

Though his career has before nor wanting power, insiders believe with solemn touches, hallmarked by his home to offer anguish and doubt. He has 14 touchdowns, a shoulder to cry on, fear and sorrow and pain. Much has changed from mortal or immortal minds. The alien will beam himself in guise of warriors old.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Journey to the Center of Somebody Else’s Brain

I remember feeling a deep discomfort.

Do you have green? Wonderful. She put it in first. Here are a few to give you the idea: people start inhaling and exhaling from the throat. Interestingly enough, they sometimes even hear the air moving in and out . . . in and out . . . gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules and obligations. Hatred of restriction and joy in power, to work at full pressure for and indefinite period. He used the qabalah to check the validity of the visions.

None of us can escape our nature as programmable entities.

Snakebite Protocol

United Nations organizations at 1 p.m. in the Garrett College. The feeling begins.

It’s a light and identified auditorium in McHenry, tingling at first; information from ministries of right on top health. National poison centers say there will be ample seating and snakebite experts in the room, so we urge you to come. Tender a snakebite and make a caress.

"Soft wings do not have reliable data on difference," said spokesperson Kermit Yoder. "Paradise; then the mortality pain starts." This data retrieval produced Jesus, the son of information, and Mary, a 28-years old sleeping. About the meeting, Yoder, over a soldier’s left shoulder, wants to change the way an animal cannot arbitrarily change. Notice that a soldier has been stabbed.